Our Branches (5th District , Nasr City, New Maadi , Helwan )

Tata Seafood Resturants

Madden taste

Enjoy a kick and finest seafood. Inside one of Tata Seafood Resturants' Braches. Tata Seafood Resturants introduce to you large assortment of fish and shrimp with a delecious Egyptian and international cooking methods, While retaining the mystery of the secret sauce

Originality and excellence

To keep the long history and name of Tata seafood resturant, tata seafood resturants intoduce the originality to lovers of liver and brain

Limitless Power

As all know that seafood is the best source for energy and power. feel healthy with tata seafood.

East & West

for european taste lovers we introduce seafood pastas with white and red souce , Kofta and sambousek